About US...... and our commitment to you!


 Our ambition in life is to earn your trust while providing you, our customer, with the highest quality of workmanship and stone while keeping our prices affordable.  We have vast experience in commercial as well as residential installation.  From kitchen counter tops, through vanity tops, jacuzzi and fireplace surrounds to large commercial installations, our products are always fabricated with the up most precision and quality.


 Our goal at Midway Marble & Granite is to always offer the best overall value on the products and installation you select for your home or business.  Nobody beats our prices and we deliver what we promise in writing.  All Estimates are free!  The very foundation of our business is its reputation and service to its customers.  Four members of our workforce are members of our family.


 At Midway Marble & Granite our pricing is not just some advertising gimmick, but an effort of efficient management and top notch technology.  Our equipment is the very latest and enables us to save time and resources, while keeping the highest standards of quality.  This means there’s no money wasted for redoing counter tops.  Finally, having our own installing teams lowers the cost of labor since we don’t need to subcontract jobs to outside companies.  Just ask any of our satisfied customs.... We have to be doing something right.  Courtesy and respect for your property is our top priority.


 “Where your kitchen dreams come true” is the logo of Midway Marble and Granite.  However it could just as well be “Where your bathroom dreams” or “business dreams” or “Beat the high cost of living” or “when only the best is good enough”... because at midway we are all of the above.  We only know one way to do business.... “The Old Fashioned Way!”  We treat others the way we like to be treated.


~Elegant   ~Durable  ~Affordable   At Midway Marble and Granite we help you make luxury affordable and at the same time add value to your home or commercial property.  Granite offers a luxurious look you can feel at home with.  Cook, clean, raise children, spill, splash, and live in your kitchen without a moments worry.  Highly resistant to wear and impervious to stains.  Each granite slab is a natural work of art.  It is cool to the touch and presents an image of classic grace and beauty.


Rules we live by at Midway Marble & Granite


   •We are insured.

   •Nobody beats out quality of workmanship.

   •Our products and materials are the finest available.

   •We deliver what we promise in writing.

   •Our skilled employees have over 30 years experience.

   •All estimates are free and guaranteed.

   •Competitive pricing.

   •We guarantee our work.

   •We arrive on time.

   •We clean up after ourselves.

  • You will know what we are going to do before we do it.



Dear Customer,


 You are possible familiar with Midway marble and Granite through our radio or newspaper advertising, or perhaps you have noticed one of our many yard signs scattered throughout South Arkansas and North Louisiana.  We specialize in the sale, fabrication, and installation of many varieties of granite counter tops.


 We employ our own team of highly skilled professionals with over thirty years of experience.  Nothing is subcontracted to outside companies.  This results in lower prices and faster in-and-out service for you.  Courtesy and respect for your property will always be our top priority.


 The staff at midway Marble and Granite know only one way to conduct business... “The Old Fashioned Way!”  We believe in treating others the way we like to be treated.  First, we are honest with our customers.  Second, the quality of our workmanship and attention to detail is evident from our first meeting.  Third, we believe that a good value for you is buying a product you can afford and then falling in love with the finished product.  Finally, we promise a fair price on the products and services you purchase from Midway Marble and Granite.


 We encourage you to compare our materials, workmanship, and prices if granite counter tops are in your future.  We invite your inquiries; you won’t be disappointed!






The Midway Marble & Granite Team


407 Midway Rd El Dorado, AR 71730 US

Phone: 870-881-9513

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